BrazzChristmas: Non ce li aspettavamo così!
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BrazzChristmas: Non ce li aspettavamo così!

By now, as is a long tradition, we are on our second BrazzChristmas, which is a laugh-out-loud, lighthearted, but more serious than it may seem, initiative in which we celebrate anniversaries and unwind from the tensions built up over the work year.

Why lighthearted?

Because, basically, it is a vacation, and in between there are holidays that need to be honored. So you live together, play games, cook in self-management, organize as a group, and try to leave behind the vague-often toxic-impulses of an unnecessarily hyper-competitive world, especially on fronts where competition (of image, followers, and various uselessness) should not be necessary.

So yes, BrazzChristmas was also about having fun.

"More serious than it may seem", why?

Well, simply because we like to climb outdoors and we like to do it well. This means pushing the envelope, but it also means investing in the enhancement of areas, initiatives, facilities and people who, in some way, make the practice of this "borderline" sport possible.

First BrazzChristmas

In the first BrazzChristmas this had already been evident: we found ourselves in the Scorace Woods, led by those crazy people from Scorace Boulder and hosted by BnB Polvere di Stelle. Here, besides enjoying really nice days (also gastronomically speaking), we explored a sector in great development, tackled big clears and (surprise!) the first Sicilian 8b, "Microtherapy," also came out.

Second BrazzChristmas

This year, however, it was Sardinia's turn, in beautiful Gallura, where anthology boulders reign supreme. On this granite - as hard and abrasive as it is fascinating - we enjoyed days of surprise, discovery and sharing. Guided by Primitive Bouldering and in a communal life enabled by the self-management of the La Cerra agriturismo, we enjoyed magical days of celebration and intense climbing.

What are we left with?

Very difficult to summarize such different experiences, lived by such different people, but we try.

We are left mainly with the realization that the bouldering community is composed of very different individuals, who experience bouldering in unique and complex ways. There are those who experience climbing solitarily and those who travel only in groups, those who wake up early and those who go to bed late, those who warm up two hours and climb 5 minutes and those who do the opposite. So the comparison really helps us to understand how good it is to work, together, for the common goals, which are the ones that must hold us firm and united to ensure the development and sustainability of this unusual sport.

Can we say that the growth of awareness, culture and dialogue are indispensable if we are to enjoy the rock as intensely and as long as possible?